Redescription of Ichthyosaura (Triturus) alpestris bakonyiensis from western Hungary

In a recent article we analysed the genetic diversity of the alpine newt in the Carpathian Basin. The results suggested that the western populations (Őrség and Bakony areas) represent a different mitochondrial lineage from the North Hungarian Mountain populations (Mátra, Bükk, Zemplén). We proposed these populations to be referred as Inchthyosaura alpestris bakonyiensis (Dely, 1964).

New frog species (Pristimantis lojanus) from Loja, Ecuador

In collaboration with colleagues from the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, using an integrative taxonomy approach (combining molecular, morphological and bioacoustic data) we described a new Pristimantis species from the city of Loja, southern Ecuador.
The species is called Pristimantis lojanus (Loja rain frog, Cutín de Loja).
It is a medium-size species of the P. oxocephalus group, and is known only from the city of Loja and its surroundings.

Future statements for conservation

A bunch of researchers from Hungary identified fourteen priority research topics that should be targeted by stakeholders, primarily policy makers and funders to focus research capacity to these topics.